• 2015 Year of the LED

    Is 2015 the Year of the LED?

    The humble LED (or light emitting diode, for those of you in the dark,) has been around for decades. The first LED created was red and was invented by Nick […]
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  • Good Shed2

    ‘Next stop, Something!’

    The Goods Shed in Stroud hosts the Great Western Lights Show On the evening of Saturday 10th January 2015 Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud, hosted the Great Western Lights Show. […]
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  • LED Strawberries

    LED Lit Strawberries the Tastiest in the World?

    LED lighting is being used produce the tastiest strawberries in the world. Another year, another Wimbledon, which not only means another chance for Andy Murray to be champion for a […]
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