Office Case Study: Ecotricity’s Offices

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The Overview

A leading energy supplier with intensely green credentials, Ecotricity has a simple but serious philosophy when it comes to decision making: if it’s good for the environment, then it’s good for business.

The Commercial LED Lighting Requirement

ecotricity full building

To provide sustainable, cost-effective, high quality lighting for 11,000 square feet of office space, accommodating 100 of the company’s employees. Renovating an old building which hadn’t been occupied for over 18 months gave Ecotricity the opportunity to demonstrate total dedication to reducing its own environmental footprint, using new technology wherever possible.

Ecotricity’s commitment to providing a friendly and supportive service to its customers extends to the way it treats its employees too. To draw the best from the workforce, Ecotricity were clear that the lighting solution had to create an inspiring and motivating atmosphere. They recognised that hard working eyes need lighting which doesn’t buzz, glare or flicker.

Ecotricity knew that conventional lighting simply wouldn’t stand up to their exacting standards. It was obvious that a new innovative solution was in order, one that could provide a high quality light solution, whilst protecting the environment. Energy saving LED was the clear choice with its reputation for being green, energy efficient and long life span.

The Commercial LED Lighting Solution

Exled’s Project Manager quickly understood that their client needed practical, lightweight, eco-friendly illumination without the unpleasant side effects of traditional fluorescent options. Exceptional light output and a strong return on investment were essential factors in reaching the decision.


The Nova LED ceiling panel was selected for the job as its high lumen output of 3000 at just 35 Watts and it 50,000 hour life, made this LED ceiling panel fit the criteria perfectly.

The Outcome

238 cool white Nova LED ceiling panels have been fitted throughout the ground floor, first floor and reception area, providing a beautiful source of eco-friendly illumination. Ecotricity’s staff are excited about moving to their new home.

For more on Exled’s range of office LED lighting click here. Exled’s range of commercial LED lighting has fulfilled its promise – high quality lighting which doesn’t cost the earth.