Industrial Case Study: Edmont

20150810_142523The Overview: Edmont is a construction joinery specialist with over 4 decades experience based in Swindon, Wiltshire. One of the largest such companies in the UK – their 26,000 sq ft bespoke joinery workshops are the heart of their business. Much of the work is highly accurate and detailed and good lighting is essential. As in many older factories, the installed mixture of Sodium and Metal Halide lamps in shoebox type fixtures were failing or poorly performing in many areas. Production staff had complained to their management which was why Exled were called in to provide a solution.

The Requirement: Lux levels of 500 or more were requested in the production areas and levels about 250 lux in the storage and access areas.

The Solution: The Exled Industrial lighting range includes a wide range of fixtures, but the Stadia 120 was chosen here because almost all of the legacy fixtures could be replaced with this one style of fixture. The very even distribution of the Stadia 120 again proved itself in the highly uniform light simulation plots that were prepared prior to commencing the installation.

The Outcome: Another satisfied customer with a well lit workshop. One section of the factory has not yet been done because some construction work still needs completing. The only downside for the management is that the production staff working in that section are now complaining more about the existing lighting that has not yet been upgraded.