Exled’s brand new landmark website goes live!

Commissioned to celebrate 10 years of supplying top quality commercial LED lighting to their worldwide array of customers, the new website is designed to be friendly to wholesaler, contractor and end user alike. With easier navigation and a much improved search function, the perfect energy saving LED product is within your reach. Some of you may have noticed it is no longer possible to order direct from the website, this is so the Exled sales team can focus on giving the best customer service possible over the phone and via email.
10 years of experience providing the best commercial LED lighting solutions has resulted in Exled having not only some of the highest quality LED lighting on the market, but the best customer service as well. This means that when you have a problem with a product supplied by Exled, not only will the company still exist (which can be a problem with quick-burn internet companies), but it will be dealt with professionally and efficiently.
This shiny new website offers in-depth information, not only on the World’s Greatest 11 – Exled’s dream team of products, but also the additions designed to support this primary team. There is easy access to datasheets, wiring and measurement diagrams and in situ photos. It is easy to find the product you are looking for, by code, type or even application.
So if you need a LED lighting solution, want to read about a company with a decade of LED lighting experience or just want to check out Exled’s website why not stop by?Exled 11 Cyan Shirt