Easter is Here!


Easter has hopped around again, putting us in the mood to explore LED lighting for the two animals of Easter, the bunny and the chick. The poultry industry is extremely important.  […]

The Single Molecule LED

Molecule LED

Miniaturisation is an important step in many forms of technology, and for LEDs it is no exception. Since conception, LEDs have always been small in size, however miniature LEDs offer […]

Exled Caribbean


Michael Renecle, Managing Director of Exled UK recently visited our franchisee ‘ExledCaribbean’ on the Island of Grenada. The Eastern Caribbean islands have some of the highest electricity costs in the world.  […]

See LEDs in a positive light


LED lights have many lesser known benefits that make them superior to traditional lighting alternatives. In the past we have debunked the myths behind LEDs, this time we plan to illuminate you […]

Exled’s New Showroom


“If you build it, they will come” Our new showroom project was completed last autumn and incorporates a wide selection of modern, quality, durable products that Exled are well known […]

Exled’s New Office


A journey into the (LED) light! Early last autumn Exled decided to renovate their working environment by moving into a new office area at its Phoenix Mill headquarters in Stroud.   […]

The Pavegen Tile

Thumb_Pavegen Logo

Pavegen have designed, created and put to use an innovative new way of generating energy that converts kinetic energy from people’s footsteps into a unique renewable energy source. Founded by […]

Pets as Therapy


What are the hard-working Exled LED lighting staff up to when they’re not in the office? Check out our latest blog written by one of the team. Lee Hawley  Technical […]

Is 2015 the Year of the LED?

2015 Year of the LED

The humble LED (or light emitting diode, for those of you in the dark,) has been around for decades. The first LED created was red and was invented by Nick […]