LEDs Saving Baby Turtles

LED lighting stopping baby turtles getting lost on the way to the seaturtle shell

The Turtle Hospital in Townsville, Australia are using new energy saving LED lighting to stop baby turtles from getting lost. The LED lights are more directional, so can be placed so the source of light can’t be seen from the beach. This is especially important for baby turtles as they navigate their way to the sea, by following the moon. Due to when the eggs are laid, the moon is always above the sea. If there are too many lights over the beach the baby turtles can get confused and head towards these instead. This not only exposes them to more land-based predators, but uses energy they need to get into the deeper ocean.

Light pollution will also be reduce on the beach itself. This is important because bright lighting can deter nesting females who want private environments for laying eggs. If the, soon to be, mother can’t find a suitable place to lay her eggs, or is disturbed by human activity, she will turn around and go back to the sea. This is a lot of waste energy for a mother to be.

turtle dawnReducing the pollution on the beach, especially around the nesting and hatching seasons, could have a really dramatic effect. To learn more about the Turtle Hospital click here: http://www.reefhq.com.au/turtle-hospital-at-reef-hq-aquarium/why-a-turtle-hospital

Commercial LED lighting fixtures offer massive benefits to all kind of installations, often going much further than the normal advantages of energy saving, reduced costs and less maintenance.