Office LED Lighting Solutions

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Exled are experts in office LED lighting solutions and offer LED ceiling panels, LED down lights and surface mount LED fittings as part of our core range.

With over 11 years of LED lighting experience and an extensive range of lighting options, Exled can provide an innovative commercial LED lighting solution for any office LED lighting installation. The demand for low-energy lighting has increased massively across all professional applications, as has knowledge of the many advantages of LED lighting. The reduced power consumption, instant light and exceptional long life make LED lighting ideal for use in the commercial sector. With instant illumination, safely of employees and customers is ensured.

Exled have a large range of LED ceiling panels to suit a variety of commercial and office work spaces. The Nova 3 panel is very popular for office due to its even light spread, caused by have three individual light engines. These can be controlled together, or if you wish, one or more can be controlled separately. This means that an emergency backup can be used on just a single light output.

Similar to the Nova 3, the Nova 2 LED ceiling panel has more than one light output. This makes it just as flexible, but with only two light engines. Both the Nova 2 and 3 are available in cool and neutral white depending on the required colour temperature.

The Nova Eco and Superbright ranges are  single  LED panels  and have the option of 1-10V and Dali dimming

For offices that have existing surface mount fluorescent tube fittings, Exled can supply the Wave-1500 fixture. Dimmable on 1-10V with emergency back-up option.

For down lights, look no further than our Eco down light range, advanced driverless technology and slim design make it a superb maintenance free solution make it ideal for busy offices.

At least 73% of the UK’s energy lighting costs come from commercial and industrial sectors. Although small, LED lighting offers massive energy saving and because they have no moving parts, they also offer long term, maintenance free life when compared to every other lighting technology.
Commercial LED lighting can help to make a huge difference to your company’s energy saving credentials. Although many other ‘low energy’ lighting options are available, LED lights do not contain any heavy metal components or toxic mercury, helping you to save money and reduce your ecological impact on disposal.

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