Arena Standard LED Floodlights

  • 150W Floodlight

  • Advantages

       150 Watts, 18000 lumens


  • Description

    Lightweight version of the Arena series, with the same build quality, available in all beam angles and IP65 rated.

  • 220/250/280W Floodlight

  • Advantages

       Up to 36000 lumens

       15 to 110 degree versions available

       Dimming Options

  • Description

    A complete range of floodlights to suit most applications. Marine grade IP67 versions available

  • 560 Watt Floodlight

  • Advantages

       72000 Lumens

       Wide choice of Beam angles

       Networked dimming options

  • Description

    Fantastic build quality with unlimited 5 year warranty and a huge choice of options making the Arena 560 one of the world’s best Floodlights

Industrious LED lighting for hard working environments, our range of LED lighting products for warehouse and distribution depots can be tailored to suit your needs with daylight and movement sensor add-ons and emergency lighting backup packs you can rely on the lighting to be there when you need it.