Royal United Hospital, Bath


The Overview


RUH Bath NHS Trust occupies a 52-acre site and employs around 4,800 staff that provides acute treatment and care for a catchment population of around 500,000 people. Like all NHS Trusts RUH has had to face significant challenges over the last few years with budget cuts and carbon reduction targets whilst also improving and updating the site and the care provided. The Trust started looking for a solution that would make good business sense by conserving the environment and help save them money and an LED lighting retrofit became a champion for both and also brought in a third element – well-being.

The Commercial LED Lighting Requirement

To provide sustainable, cost-effective, high quality lighting for several crucial areas of the hospital including: corridors, stairways, reception areas, car parks and utility areas. Emergency lighting also needed to be considered to ensure that areas were lit even if the power failed. Retrofitting with LED lighting was considered due to the technology being energy efficient, maintenance reducing and minimising health risks of bacteria spreading due to relamping. Any solution needed to fit with the Trust’s values of providing excellent care environments, using responsible suppliers and ensuring that environmentally friendly products were installed.

The Commercial LED Lighting Solution

Exled were invited to provide an onsite evaluation and recommend bespoke products that would suit each environment. The corridor lighting assessment advised that the Nova LED ceiling panels, constructed with sustainable, energy saving LED’s, would be best suited as it would improve lux levels and uniformity of light as well as provide reduced maintenance and disposal costs, and lower the total energy consumption.

Each LED ceiling panel uses 39 Watts compared to 72 Watts for the old conventional fittings they replaced. Using over 40% less energy used per fitting! This contributes not only to energy costs saving, but massively reduces the businesses carbon footprint.

In other areas of the Hospital, Exled recommended the Zen LED bulkheads for stairways and utility areas and the LED floodlights to help combat the energy consumption in the external parts of the grounds.


The Outcome

Stage one has been completed successfully with 185 cool and neutral white Nova LED ceiling panels installed in several of the key corridors within the hospital. The two colour temperature supplied offer different benefits, which has effected where they have been installed. The cool white is a more clinical colour and is perfect for areas where doctors and nurse have to work, operating rooms, laboratories, etc., Whereas the warm neutral white improves a patient’s well-being, so are installed in patient rooms and corridors.

110 Zen LED bulkheads have also been installed, with light and movement sensors to ensure the stairways and utility areas were only illuminated when it was required. This delivered an additional energy saving above and beyond what commercial LED lighting can provide.

Exled have helped us create a better atmosphere for both staff and patients, providing a flicker-free, instant and eco-friendly illumination. Having completed stage one of the install we have been so pleased with the results we now plan to move the entire hospital over to LEDs as the cost savings have been excellent and aesthetically we have improved the look and more importantly the feel of the hospital.

The LED floodlights installed also provided to be a huge success reducing the energy used and providing (and sometimes surpassing) the light output from the original lighting fittings.

Exled’s range of commercial LED lighting has fulfilled its promise – high quality lighting which doesn’t cost the earth.

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