Sports LED Lighting Solutions

Exled specialise in sports LED lighting solutions and offer high powered LED floodlights, weatherproof commercial LED lighting fixtures and LED high bays as part of their core range.IMG_0430

With an extensive range of lighting options and over ten years of commercial LED light experience, Exled can provide the best LED lighting solution for any sports LED lighting installation. Recently the demand for low-energy lighting has increased dramatically across all sectors, as has knowledge of the versatility of LED lighting. The low power consumption, instant illumination and long life makes LED lighting ideal for use in the sports and leisure sector. The reduced electricity use not only saves money on energy bills, but allows for the installation of additional lights. With instant illumination, safely of employees and customers is ensured. Finally the long LED life means that they last a lot longer than traditional alternatives, reduce disruption to the business and lower maintenance costs.

Exled’s high powered LED floodlight range have a hugely bright floodlight to suit any circumstance. The Titan high powered LED floodlight generates 89 lumens per watt and can be upgraded to dali or 1-10v dimming. It is a great exterior light, being IP65 rated and easily illuminates large open spaces. Our video case study of the installation of Titans at Brentwood Golf Range is available here:

The Stadia high powered LED floodlight is available as a 120 Watt or 210 Watt version, allowing the light output required to select the version. Usable as an LED floodlight and LED low bay, the Stadia is IP65 rated, making it a very versatile light.

The final high powered LED floodlight available is the Arena. With a selection of beam angles available, the Arena high powered LED floodlight is very effective at providing light for large areas. It has an advanced thermal design, an anti-corrosion body and is made with top quality components. The Arena is so named as it is the perfect commercial LED lighting solution for sports arenas.

Exled’s weatherproof commercial LED lighting fixtures range really is extensive, meaning this is one of Exled’s most flexible ranges.
The VP-Constellation is a direct replacement for a standard vapour proof fitting and its bright cool light is great for any place where fluorescent tubes used to rule. Users can customise this unit to get the best out of it by selecting an emergency backup or a sensor.

The HiLED on the other hand, is perfect for those really inaccessible areas as it is supplied with a variety of mounting options. This slim unit will fit almost anywhere and its long LED life means it won’t need to be replaced for years to come.

Finally the Nebula works in almost an environment in or out and due to its energy saving LED’s it will use a lot less energy than a traditional alternative. This weatherproof commercial LED lighting fixture has two colour temperatures and lumen output options, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.

LED High Bay lights have become really popular for light large interior areas including sport halls and even swimming pools. With outstanding reliability, low power consumption and flicker free lighting, Exled’s LED High Bays are proving really popular.

Over 73% of the UK’s energy lighting costs come from commercial and industrial applications. LED lighting offers superior energy saving and because they have no moving parts, they also offer the most enduring, maintenance free lifespan when compared to every other lighting technology.
Exled knows that the use of LED lights in sports lighting can help to make a huge difference to your company’s energy saving credentials. Although many other ‘low energy’ lighting options are available, LED lights do not contain any heavy metal components or toxic mercury, helping you to save money and reduce your ecological impact on disposal.

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