Spotlight on LED Rope Light


LED rope reception

Exled’s 180 LEDs per meter flexible rope light is energy efficient, extremely durable and has a very long life.This LED rope light is among the most reliable on the market due to the quality energy saving LEDs used in its construction. With an internal PCB board encapsulated

by clear highly flexible Acrylic this is LED rope light is IP65 rated. Because of low power requirements of this product, a less powerful transformer is need and it will save money on your energy bills.

Exled’s LED rope light is great for hospitality and entertainment LED lighting due to the versatility of the colours available. The RGB LED rope light can be used to make almost any colour and with the aid of a controller can be used to colour change. Exled’s LED rope light is also available in cool white, warm white, red, green and blue.

This product is 24V and comes in rolls of 15M allowing into be used to light up large areas, but as it can be cut every half a metre its length can be customised to its use. This lets the LED rope light to be used to, for example, light under cabinets or desks, or be used in strips to illuminate a nightclub.

LED rope light is compatible with a wide range of colour controllers and dimmers, allowing it to provide a complete commercial LED lighting solution. A new Facebook page is now available for you to share your rope light installations, please like the page. If you have any questions about LED rope light please call 01453 756361 or email