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Case studies

David Lloyd Nottingham West Bridgeford Tennis Courts


David Lloyd is a health club located in West Bridgeford, Nottingham. They offer a wide range of sport facilities including an ultra-modern gym, swimming pools, and an array of tennis courts, both inside and outside. Being open all year round their customers need to be able to access and use all the available facilities in any conditions. As a result David Lloyd have installed Tennis Domes for the winter period, which effectively transform their external courts from outdoor to indoor.


The installation of the Tennis Domes solved the issue of weather, but they still needed to be illuminated. While natural light can penetrate the domes on a bright day, they have no windows, and a cloudy day would result in a dark court. Also with the days getting shorter David Lloyd wanted to extend the courts use beyond daylight hours.


The experts at Exled were brought in by Covair, who manufactured and supplied the tennis domes, to provide a lighting solution that would illuminate the courts to the LTA required standard. Using our HBL-CV-200-WH fittings we designed a lighting solution that not only provided a superior light, exceeding those standards, but did so economically and using minimal energy. Since this installation we have also provided similar solutions for both Lincoln and Worcester David Lloyd locations.


“This is the best lighting we’ve ever seen in one of our domes. The experts at Exled provided a setup that went beyond our expectations. The product was fantastic, and they gave us a great service being on hand and helpful throughout the entire project. We’re extremely happy with the results.”

Craig Burley
Project Manager, Covair
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