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Case studies

Glen Ivy Golf Club, California


Glen Ivy Golf Club were looking for a solution that would allow their driving range to remain usable during the evenings. From teeing off to the end of the range the ball needed to remain illuminated, allowing players to track the full flight of the ball.


Once daylight had started to fade players using the range would easily lose sight of the ball. Glen Ivy Golf Club required lighting for their driving range that would allow players to continue seeing the full flight of the ball after sunset. With the days growing shorter towards the end of the year this was an essential requirement.


A lighting design using 10 of our Titan 600 XT sports floodlights was put forward by the lighting experts at Exled. This solution kept the ball illuminated during its flight as well as clearly lighting the entire range, even navigating a steep drop off in the outfield. Now the range benefits from remaining open well after the sun has set keeping players happy and attracting new customers.
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