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Case studies

Heathfield School Tennis Courts


Heathfield is a private boarding and day school located in Ascot, London. The school itself boasts many top of the range facilities, including outdoor tennis courts. Exled were approached to provide a lighting solution that would allow the courts to be used all year round, including outside school hours, allowing them to make the most of the facility.


In order to maximise the investment that had been made in their tennis courts, Heathfield wanted the ability to use these facilities outside of school hours. Due to any extra usage being limited to the evenings, a lighting system was required in order to achieve their goal. Understandably with any project, Heathfield were also keen to keep maintenance and running costs to a minimum.


Exled produced a lighting solution that not only achieved Heathfields lighting requirements, but exceeded them. Using 8 of our Apollo 550 fittings across 4 strategically spaced columns around the facilities, great illumination had been achieved to allow use of the tennis courts well into the evening. Our experts left Heathfield School with a result that they are extremely happy with, one that allowed for extra court playing time whilst keeping energy usage and maintenance to a minimum.
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