Case studies

Minick of St Andrews


Minick of St Andrews operate a chain of butchers shops supplying first class Scottish Meat products. Minick aim to bring back to the high street the concept of the Artisan Butchers with expert knowledge and friendly professional service.


Stuart Minick wants his great products to look as good as they taste, it was felt that the lighting was one area that could be improved, After investigating options available Exled Foodsafe Meat lights were chosen to provide the lighting.


The Foodsafe Gimbal LED Meat lights were chosen because of the ease of retrofitting them in the busy shops. Trial fitting were first installed to ensure the result was the high standard that Stuart Minick wanted to achieve.

“We could not be happier with Exled’s new LED meat lights. Our fresh cuts of meat look 100% more succulent and juicy than they did under our old lights. The marinated meats literally sparkle and bursting with flavours. We have seen a marked jump in sales as customers walking past spot something through the window and it’s enough to get them into the shop. The pies and pasties light fittings have also dramatically increased sales of these products, customers coming in for 2 steaks for tonight often now pick up a couple of pasties for lunch tomorrow too.”

Minick Butchers
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