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Case studies

QinetiQ Southampton


Holding 40,000 tonnes of clear water QinetiQ’s indoor Ocean Basin testing tank is one of the largest in the world. Located in Southampton, the Ocean Basin spans a surface area greater than the pitch at Wembley Stadium. It’s used by commercial and defence customers for testing vessel models in both calm and rough waters.


All testing within the tank is video recorded in high definition. Our client’s requirement was to have sufficient lighting installed within this colossal building while avoiding any direct reflections on the water’s surface, as these could interfere with the cameras. Combined with the many interior obstacles this presented a unique task for the team at Exled. Nevertheless we rose to the challenge, and after extensive trials our Arena 560W Marine Grade Light was chosen to provide the solution.


In order to overcome direct reflections our lights were installed aiming up at the sloping corrugated metal roof, as well as being fitted with individual controls via a Dali protocol system. Exled then worked with Osram to develop a multiple touchscreen interface which gave our client the precise control they required for the high definition filming.


QinetiQ have been delighted with the results. Having effective lighting within their Ocean Basin has meant they have been able to accommodate significantly more customers than before. One of the key benefits to no longer being restricted daylight operating hours.
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