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The Northumberland Club Tennis Courts


The Northumberland Club is an award winning tennis venue that has played host to many regional, national and international tournaments. These have included two British tour events and the World Transplant Games, as well as annually hosting the Girls Federation Cup. The club has also previously been the winner of Tennis Club of the Year. 


The club features 3 illuminated external tennis courts. The current lighting was proving to be very high maintenance and costing the club too much money. In addition to the maintenance, these traditional lights weren’t very energy efficient, resulting in higher running costs. Eager to upgrade Exled were contacted to supply a low maintenance, more energy efficient solution that would save the club money and improve the lighting on each of the 3 courts.


After a thorough analysis of the clubs requirements our experts produced a solution that not only met, but exceeded the clubs expectations. Through careful fitting selection Exled specified 6 fittings per court utilising the existing columns. This negated the need to replace them or conduct ground works, further saving the club money whilst improving lighting.

Using a combination of the 230W, 300W and 450W variants of our Galaxy XM fitting, Exled achieved a result that used significantly less energy while producing better quality light. Our Galaxy XM fitting also required far less maintenance than those fittings previously installed. 

Overall all the new lighting system reduced the clubs lighting overheads and improved the experience of the court users.

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