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Case studies

Tipton Tennis Centre


The Tipton Tennis Centre is a regional LTA approved centre that plays host to regional competitions, casual play events, and is used by players of all skill levels. It is managed by Sandwell Council and based within Sandwell Leisure Centre. The Council reached out to Exled to help illuminate their 6 indoor tennis courts. These indoor facilities are protected from the weather and can be used throughout the year, however as a result they require constant lighting when in use.


Being a regional LTA approved centre, the 6 indoor courts were required to meet LTA lighting standards. Not only did the 6 courts as a whole need to meet these standards, but so did each individual court when lit independently. As the courts were indoor natural light was limited and the solution would also be required to support constant use with minimal cost.


Exled produced an improved lighting solution using a combination of our HBL-FD-300 and HBL-FD-400 fittings in strategic placements around the courts. The new fittings not only used significantly less energy, but also met the LTAs strict criteria for glare, uniformity, and lux level. The scheme also successfully accommodated the requirement for both single and multiple court use simultaneously. Exled was approached to provide a solution because of our quality products, expert system delivery, and exceptional customer service.
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