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Wycliffe College Hockey Pitch


Wycliffe College is a private boarding school located in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. The college boasts a wide range of facilities across its vast campus including a large, fully illuminated state of the art sports pitch.


Whilst there was a sports lighting scheme in place, the demand on the site’s electrical distribution circuit was soon to be dramatically increased, with the proposed installation of a commercial oven in the college’s catering facilities. This addition would raise the system load significantly, leaving the college with two choices. Either upgrade the system at a considerable cost, or reduce the electrical load in other parts of the existing network.


The on-site electrical contractor, EESI, had established that the current lighting for the sports pitch was using a significant proportion of the electrical capacity. The experts at Exled suggested replacing the existing lighting fittings with our Atlas XT LED units. As a result, 24 x 2kw existing metal halide units were replaced with only 16 x 1kw LED units, saving 66% in energy, reducing the cost of running the lighting for the pitch, and freeing up spare electrical capacity on the distribution network. 

After the switch to LED lighting the electrical capacity was sufficient for powering the commercial oven and the sports pitch lighting, with no upgrade was required. The energy reduction was possible through the well documented efficiency of LED technology over traditional sources, alongside the specialist control of light through Exled designed reflectors within the fitting.

The Exled sports reflector ensures that all light leaving the fitting is focused solely on the pitch and not wasted in mid-air, which traditional light sources often do. This coupled with LED technology allowed the pitch lighting energy consumption to be reduced from 48kw to just 16kw.

The multi-use sports pitch lighting solution designed by Exled achieved:

  • Spare electrical capacity without network investment for the commercial oven to be installed

  • More than 66% energy saving

  • Eliminated maintenance such as changing lamps for the previous fittings

  • Improved light levels, colour rendering, and appearance, creating a better environment for playing sports


“We are very happy with the new lighting system and the subsequent reduction in costs and environmental impact.” 

Mark Rickard
Estates Bursar, Wycliffe College

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